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Is it feasible?  Will it be viable? To answer these questions requires a market focussed team with a wealth of experience in business planning. At Tourism UK we have conducted feasibility studies on a variety of business ventures from golf club extensions to equestrian centres and our associates have a wealth of experience in both business planning and in operational mangement having run hotels, visitor attractions and restaurants.  Over the last 12 years Tourism UK has been commissioned to undertake feasibility studies on conference centres at Cambridge and Norfolk and on heritage projects across the UK including scheduled ancient monuments, listed buidlings and museums.
In assisting clients with feasibility studies we take a practical approach which involves clarifying the concept, understanding the business objectives and testing the market assumptions.  In tackling feasibility studies we believe that if, at any point during the process, we discover that the concept is not feasible we should advise the client accordingly and either change or end the project there and then.  Sometimes this results in an entirely different market opportunity being identified, always it results in the client getting the best possible outcome. Often simply a different perspective is exactly what the client needs.
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